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Water damage, whether caused by flood, sewer backup, leaky roof or broken pipe, is something that needs to be restored quickly. Water damage left untreated often results in mold and further damage. Moisture ingression and water damage to buildings and contents occurs in a wide variety of sizes, causes and resultant damages. One common trait of any water damage is that if it is not addressed promptly and professionally it could lead to more extensive damages to building materials and/or contents. Some materials that are restorable if addressed immediately can deteriorate to a non-restorable condition if left for only a few hours or days. Other potential repercussions to unmitigated water damages are mold growth, bacterial growth/cross contamination and dry rot of structural building materials.

Our trained and experienced employees will determine the extent of moisture ingression and migration using a variety of inspection techniques in conjunction with specialized electronic moisture detection equipment. We will also thoroughly evaluate and implement appropriate work procedures based on the source and potential contamination of the water. We have extensive experience and training in the remediation of sewage and other contamination.

You can trust Water Damage Thousand Oaks to respond promptly and professionally to any water damage you may experience, whether it is a small sink or toilet overflow, a large multi unit/multi storey apartment flood, a drain tile back-up or sewage that has filled a basement.

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(805) 539-0225

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  • "You did a wonderful job and I would recommend your company and services to anyone. You responded to our problem quickly and worked steadily until the job was completed. You did a very professional job and I appreciate that."
    Mr. Andy Hinely

    "All work was very satisfactory, your employee was very professional and knowledgeable of the work that had to be done and accomplished it efficiently. I was happy with all of the work."
    Mr. Greg Evans

    "We were pleased overall with your mitigation services. The prompt response was most appreciated."
    Ms. Tia Blair